About our #SouthernFail Campaign

The Association of British Commuters is a passenger-led pressure group born in May 2016 from the desperate need for public representation during the Southern Rail crisis. We are now a not-for-profit company with the long-term mission of pursuing justice, transparency and consumer rights for all users of UK transport.

Our thousands-strong network of passengers aims to support each other through the Southern Rail crisis and reclaim the ‘passenger voice’ for those who have suffered most. Our #SouthernFail campaign seeks truth and justice on the full story behind the collapse of Southern Rail, and continues to voice the questions that our MPs and media should be asking.

We are fully independent from all trades unions/political parties and welcome members across the political spectrum and rail re-nationalisation debate. Currently a social media community of thousands, we are working to create a whole new model of grass roots organising that can truly hold transport companies, and the government, to account.

Our current campaigns:

#SouthernJustice campaign, pursuing a judicial review of the Department for Transport’s handling of the Southern Rail franchise.

#PassengerUnity campaign to bring our online community together on trains to support each other through the crisis; including badges, meetups and co-operative travel alternatives.

Publicity, lobbying and direct actions for government accountability and urgent action on the Southern Rail management contract

Campaigning for fare freezes, better compensation and new legal avenues for action – such as Consumer Rights Act claims for loss of income, and expenses.

Pursuing equality of access rights for elderly and disabled passengers, who have been unable to access adequate travel throughout 2016, and are now facing the prospect of advance booking for assistance and a breach of their right to ‘turn up and go’ travel.

Providing the best information and independent analysis of the issues surrounding the Southern Rail crisis; and in future, for transport issues all over the UK.

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